Warhawk Gets Date And Price

Warhawk Gets Date And Price

Everyone’s favourite game developer Dylan Jobe just hopped onto the official Playstation Blog to announce both the date and the price(s) for the Warhawk. The game will go on sale in stores and on PSN on Aug. 28. The game will sell for $US39.99 online and $US59.99 in a store. The boxed version will come with some extra video content a manual and a Jabra Bluetooth headset.

Jobe points out that the game, while multiplayer only, is quite robust and says he feels it can easily deliver more than 70 hours of enjoyment. Most beta testers logged more than 30 hours and many more than 70.

Finally Jobe announced that the top 100 player in the beta are going to be receiving a fancy, very limited edition metal Warhawk Wings pin.

Warhawk Goes Gold [Playstation Blog, thanks Freneil]

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