"Pulling It Out Of My Ass"

sunnykenlevine.jpg Is it official? Is BioShock creator Ken Levine a gaming superstar yet? The game is a breakout hit and looks like it's definitely in the running for Game of the Year. Mary Jane Irwin from sister site Valleywag penned a nice Ken Levine profile for game site 1Up. There are tasty tidbits like Levine saying:

Every time I start a game, I'm like, 'Oh shit, how do I do this?' You might call it organic [game design] ; I might call it pulling it out of my ass.

Delightful! Now that Ken Levine is famous and crap, someone really needs to provide us a better pic of the guy. This squinty stock pic makes me want to send him sunglasses or a large visor. Irrational Man [1Up]


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