Quebec Demands More French Games

quebecois.jpgQuebec? Never really understood it, myself. A little French part of a British Commonwealth nation? How odd. Odder still is the fact the Quebec government want more videogames in the region to be in French. Turns out only around 40% of games available in the region are in French, and seeing as they steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the triumph of the English language over their own flowery speech, they've "struck a deal" that will see every game in the region available in French. Somehow, they're getting publishers to pick up the tab for this. First, I can't see this working (how many publishers are going to translate US versions of games like big RPGs into French for such a tiny audience?), and second, you want delays like PAL users have to put up with as games are translated, go right ahead. Be my guest. Quebec strikes deal to translate new video games into French [Yahoo! Canada, via Game|Life]


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