Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme Problem

Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme Problem
360blade.jpgDear. Microsoft,
I love the 360. Even though it breaks, and mine is currently making sounds that can best be verbalised as R2D2 getting raped, I’m enjoying the console.

But about those dashboard themes. Yes, I’ll pay for them. You knew it all along, so congrats. What I want to know is: why can’t I update my Marketplace blade? Because I’ll be wasting time tabbing back and forth, experiencing the sybaritic joy of Earth tones combined with the dashboard’s oceanic swooshing effect, and BAM! BRIGHT ORANGE!

Please fix. I’m sure that a Smackdown Vs. Raw background on Marketplace will not hinder my consumerism.
Sincerely, Love, Waiting in angst,
Mark Wilson

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