The Cooking Mama Hookers

cookingmamaprostitutes.jpg Forget dirty movies. You know you've made it, when you get a prostitution business named after your game. And with Cooking Mama, developer Office Create has made it. Head over to Osaka's tricks-for-cash "Cooking Mama." Adult mini-games run ¥10,000 an hour ($US84), but probably are short. Much shorter. It specialises in not just in older motherly-types, but older motherly-types wearing nothing but aprons. Apparently, there is an audience for this! Oddly, there is a "Cooking Mama Corporation" behind this hooker outfit. It was established in 2006, which is the same year Cooking Mama hit the DS. Coincidence? Ha!
Cooking Mama [NFSW!!!, Thanks Taku!]


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