Resistance: Fall Of Man OR How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love An FPS

resistance-fall-of-man.jpgAny of you that have been following my posts for a while will know how terrible I am at FPSs and shooting games in general. And when I say terrible I mean embarrassingly awful. Unless there is some sort of lock on feature, I'm completely useless. Somehow I can never manage to aim properly and end up shooting the wall or one of my comrades. Let's also not forget about my tragic foray into Gears of War where I managed to blow myself up with my own grenade. So you can imagine that when I bought a PS3 recently (I don't want to hear it, I got a really good deal) and was faced with the prospect of playing Resistance: Fall of Man, I was more than a little bit nervous.My roommate convinced me to play a couple rounds of co-op mode with him and I figured why not, if nothing else, he can do all the work and I'll just duck and cover a lot. Well, I don't know if it was the game, the controller or some miracle, but I found that I was able to do pretty well with it and even became a grenade expert, waiting for the precise moment when a big group of aliens got together and then blowing them all to smithereens. Certainly the engaging storyline helped retain my interest and the sight of those giant War of the Worlds-esque gatherers sent me shuddering which in my mind is always a sign of a good game.

So now Resistance has become not only my first real positive FPS experience, it's also become what I like to call my BioShock Trainer. If all goes as planned I should be all ready to put the hurting on some genetic mutants when the game comes out next week, but I will always remember Resistance fondly. A boy never forgets his first FPS.


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