Retailer GAME Under Investigation

gamelogo.jpgIn Australia, I see GAME as triumphant liberators, freeing us from the specialist retailer near-monopoly of EB Games. But in the UK? They ARE the monopoly, and now they're in trouble over it. In May GAME gobbled up its main competitor, Gamestation, leaving the country with only a single, major specialist seller of gaming products. Which doesn't sit too well with Britain's Office of Fair Trading, who have referred the takeover to the Competitions Commission. See, they like to keep things fair in 'ol blighty. "That's just not cricket!", etc etc. John Fingleton, OFT chief executive:

This merger involves the loss of competition between two parties who, in some segments at least, appear to be each other's closest competitors and in circumstances where we can not confidently rely on new companies entering the market to resolve any issues quickly.

A decision is expected to have been made by next January. OFT refers GAME to Competition Comission [Gamesindustry]


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