Robbie Bach Actually Unloaded $9.2 Million In Microsoft Stock

bach%203copy.jpgPreviously, we reported that Microsoft's Robbie Bach unloaded $US6.2 million in company stock between May 2 and May 30th (right before the July 5th announcement of Xbox 360's warranty extension). That number was and is still completely accurate.

But it turns out that Bach had already unloaded an additional $US3 million in Microsoft stock on May 1st. (A late SEC filing caused many to overlook this number before.) So that brings the total to $US9.2 million shady stock practices by Robbie Bach. Ironically, the stock didn't plummet and all is good in the world. Other than, you know, Bach being front page news on MarketWatch.

Microsoft's Bach sold more stock before Xbox news [via maxconsole]


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