Rock Band Bundle Favours The PS3?

20060731-20060731-DSC_0115.jpgAccording to Opposable Thumbs' reliable mole, many speculated points about Rock Band have been confirmed. First off, the source claims that the $US199 bundle price is legit and that the package, in all, weighs in at a hefty 20 pounds. Plus, they add that the recent rumours that the PS3 package will come with a wireless guitar while the 360 will come with a wired guitar are true. The mole adds that the only undecided factor at this time is the box art.

So while all this info is technically a "rumour," you can pretty safely start the flame wars and bitchfests. By the time Rock Band is actually released, you'll be all healed up and ready to play on your respective consoles.

Our mole speaks: final pricing and wireless controllers for Rock Band [opposablethumbs]


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