Rock Band PS2, Euro-Specific Tracks Announced

Rock Band PS2, Euro-Specific Tracks Announced

THEWIZARD.jpgNot like Rock Band needed much more help making money, but hey, whatever. EA and Harmonix have announced that the game will see a release in Europe (no word on a US version) on the PS2, alongside the previously-announced 360 and PS3 versions turning up early next year. It’ll have “most” of the features of the PS3/360 versions (guess it won’t have all the online stuff), and more importantly for the Euros, all versions will feature European-specific music. MTV’s Jeff Yap:

The European continent’s rich and diverse musical pedigree transcends culture and language, which is why we are extremely pleased to announce Rock Band in Europe for early 2008.

It was imperative that we have significant on-disc and downloadable localised music content for multiple European territories on the PlayStation 2 system, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system in order for Europeans to truly get the full Rock Band experience and interact with the music they love.

I’ve said it before, but when I hear a comment like that, all I can think of are Germanic/Scandinavian dudes in leather with guitars singing about thrones made out of bleeding skulls. And I smile, just a little.
EA Updates Rock Band Track List, Adds PS2 Version [Game|Life]

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