Rockstar Leeds Sets Sights On Consoles

Rockstar Leeds Sets Sights On Consoles

rockstarleeds.gifThe team at Rockstar Leeds isn’t content with creating some of the best games available for the PSP. In the latest issue of the magazine Develop, studio head Gordon Hall reveals plans to expand from working on handheld versions of existing IP to original IP for the 360 and PS3.

“To succeed on those formats you’ve got to put everything into it or step away – we’re already lucky to have a really committed team, so I think that we will step up to become an established Rockstar studio know for original projects.”

With the shift in focus the studio is looking to its team of 70 by another 25. Let’s hope they announce something soonish, as Rockstar could use a game that isn’t horribly delayed or too violent to be released. Might I suggest ponies?

Rockstar Leeds looks to next-gen

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