Man Charged With Murder Of 4-Month-Old Child

llucas.jpgTragic one, this. A Chicago man has had his bail set at $US750,000 after being arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of his girlfriend's 4-month-old baby, Kiyarah Taylor. It's accused that Lemuel Lucas, 21, was looking after his girlfriend's baby when he "became irate after playing a video game and dropped Kiyarah on her head", and subsequently "picked her up and shook her violently". When the child would not respond after this shaking, it's alleged Lucas stuffed chewing gum down her throat to make it appear she had choked. The child passed away in hospital three days after the alleged attack, having sustained severe brain injuries and multiple bone fractures, which are injuries consistent with having been violently shaken. Lucas had already been charged with aggravated assault over the death; prosecutors have since upped the charges.
$750,000 bail set in girl's death [Chicago Tribune]


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