European Sales Charts 23-29 July

nintendoeurope.jpg Many people are under the impression that the lovely Dr. Angela Merkel is the leader of Germany. WRONG. Nintendo own Germany. Nintendo dominate last week's German charts, with 9 of the top 10 spots taken by DS and Wii games. Even Eidos' Pony Friends makes the grade. Pony Friends! Amazing. And it's a similar story in Spain, just without the Pony Friends. Click through for both charts.


1) Pokemon DIamond
2) Pokemon Pearl
3) More Brain Training
4) Brain Training
5) Pony Friends
6) Civ IV: Beyond The Sword
7) The Settlers
8) Mario Party 8
9) Harry Potter & OMG does he die at the end?
10) Animal Crossing


1) Pokemon Diamond
2) Pokemon Pearl
3) More Brain Training
4) Big Brain Academy
5) Pro Evo 6 (PS2)
6) Brain Training
7) Wii Play
8) Pro Evo 6 (PSP)
9) SingStar Pophits Bundle
10) Fifa 07

[charts courtesy of GfK]


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