Sass Up Your DS Hello Kitty Style

K-SE620691_l.jpgWhenever I take out my shiny pink DS in public it never fails to elicit stares of wonder, desire and in some cases, utter confusion. Why is this tattooed, big sideburned guy playing with this thing that looks like a girl's compact? If you get these same looks when you whip yours out, here's a way to confuse them even more! is offering this oh-so-too-cutesy three piece vinyl sticker set so you can give that old DS Lite a Hello Kitty makeover, much to the delight of passers by. This pink fantasy can be yours for $US16.49 plus shipping. Go for it! You're sure to be the envy of every 10 year old girl on the block.

Hello Kitty Deco Seal for DS Lite [DreamKitty] [via GoNintendo]


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