"Save Often"

kenlevinepic.jpgWith retailer breaking the BioShock street date, some lucky bastards have picked up the game. Hate them. I sure do! When the highly anticipated first-person-shoot is finally released on August 21, remember one thing: Save. And save often. Don't believe me? Here's 2K Boston/2K Australia honcho Ken Levine (dude in pic) explaining why:

First of all, it's really one of those games where you'll want to save often — not because you die constantly, but because you're going to want to replay rooms to try things a different way.

Sound advice! Me, I'm giddy about this game, playing the demo loads and replaying the crap out of it. It's pretty spooky, isn't it? Not surprising that Levine says, "We took a lot of inspiration from The Shining when making the game." Kubrick would be proud. BioShock Interview [GameSpot]


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