New SIXAXIS Protypes Sent To Devs

New SIXAXIS Protypes Sent To Devs

A new Playstation 3 SIXAXIS controller prototype has been sent out to the development community, according to SCEA’s Dave Karraker.

The new controller is more of a tweak than any giant leap forward. Karraker said that the controller has slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analogue sticks and and motion sensing. He also said that have not added rumble to the PS3 and “have no announcements regarding this feature”… I wonder if there should have been a “yet” at the end of that sentence? Otherwise it doesn’t really say anything we don’t know. It merely addresses the status quo, not what may happen down the line.

Hit up GamePro for the full quote on the tweaked SIXAXIS prototype.

Sony: ‘We have not added rumble’ to PS3 controller [GamePro]

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