Second Life GameCube Launcher

No, it's not a GameCube emulator that runs within Second Life, but it is solid proof that gamers do lurk somewhere between the sex clubs and confused marketing people. The video features my avatar, the (I've been told) emo Caliban Karas, firing a bazooka that shoots Nintendo GameCubes. The creator of the weapon is KeikoYanai Yue, whose player is an adorable Japanese woman (voice verified!) with an amazing knack for creating cool SL toys. The detailing on the launcher is more amazing than my silly soundless video can convey, especially the classic Nintendo sound effects. Why build a GameCube cannon? "It's the only thing the GameCube is good for now." So adorable. Feel free to bug her in game for a copy of the weapon. She'll either sell you one, give you one, or put you on mute cause you're a jerk.


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