Sega On Success After Sonic

Sega On Success After Sonic

shadow_sega.jpgThe post-Dreamcast Sega is very different publisher, with bold, creatively risky games like Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Rez and Typing of the Dead pushed to the wayside. The new Sega is focusing on mature, more-Western targeted fare like The Club, Condemned: Criminal Origins, and licensed properties like Iron Man, Alien and The Golden Compass. That shift in strategy is working, apparently, possibly to the dismay of long time Sega fans, but to the delight of management.

Business Week recently examined the new Sega, the Sega that doesn’t need to rely on Sonic the Hedgehog, nor any of his shitty friends. Sure, Sonic will be properly whored out for Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games, but even Sega of America president Simon Jeffrey admits the blue rodent “loses its cool factor when you get about 12 years old.”

Fortunately, there are 14 year olds who will graduate to Shadow the Hedgehog games after they’ve outgrown watching human on hedgehog on-screen romances. Don’t worry, Sega’s got all the bases covered.

Sega Goes Beyond Sonic [Business Week]

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