Sega Reveals New Hulk Game

hulkamania.jpgIn an interview with 1Up, Sega has revealed that the mystery Marvel Comics superhero game being worked on by developer Edge of Reality will be starring everyone's favourite big green mean machine, The Incredible Hulk. The game is set to come out somewhere around the release of the new Hulk movie in June of next year. There is no word on which platforms the title will appear on but Sega did state that Amaze Entertainment is working on the PSP and DS versions of the game.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that judging by how these movie franchise games are usually marketed, it will probably be on every current-gen console known to man and maybe even the PS2. I just hope this new Hulk movie isn't as bad as the last one. Ye gods that was a train wreck.

Edge of Reality Smashing Together Hulk Game [1Up]


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