Sega's Mystery Viking Game Pops Up

tales_of_asgard.jpgThe retail snoopers at Gamespot have rooted out a new, as yet unannounced Sega game due for 2008. Viking: Battle of Asgard has been listed by Gamestop for the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 revealing that Sega may be working on yet another original franchise for consoles. Details are virtually nonexistant, other than that the game is in development at Sega of America and that it's due in February of next year.

Sega recently announced plans to release another Nordic themed property, licensing Marvel's Thor for a multi-year agreement and has also long talked of a Golden Axe game for the above mentioned consoles. Wondering if Viking: Battle of Asgard has something to do with either of those titles? Me, too.

Retail Radar: Sega's Viking, Rock Band release date? [Gamespot]


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