Seoul Is the Newest CGS Franchise City

Seoul Is the Newest CGS Franchise City

seouldbrightlights.jpgThe Championship Gaming Series has announced that Seoul is the newest franchise city for their world-wide league – not a huge surprise when you consider Korea is one of the few countries where video game competitions are a viable spectator sport. The gamers for the new franchise (save one female DOA player) were selected after “an exciting showdown” at the eStars Seoul game festival.

“Creating a CGS team based in Seoul is critical to our success as a true worldwide gaming league,” said CGS Commissioner Andy Reif.”It is widely known that Korea produces many of the best professional gamers in the world. With our partner, STAR, covering the action for fans across Asia, Seoul will have the opportunity to prove itself in head-to-head competition against top pro gaming professionals from Europe, the United States, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, and elsewhere in Asia”

Members of the Seoul franchise will earn a base salary of (US)$30,000 and could earn more than (US)$100,000 in annual salary and bonuses. The team will compete in the upcoming CGS Asian Championship event, where they will battle against other Asian teams soon to be announced.

I guess it’s a good thing the CGS games don’t include StarCraft.

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