Shanda's Co-Founder On 'Hard Choices'

shandamagicalland.jpgShanda is one of China's biggest game operators and while they've been doing well recently (really, really well), they didn't hit their stride for a few years. Chen Tianqiao, former real estate executive and co-founder of Shanda, talked with the Wall Street Journal about what it took to get Shanda off the ground and turn it into one of the dominant companies in the Chinese gaming market (we'll ignore the lawsuits regarding copyright infringement):

When we first started, it really was very tough. Venture capitalists, investors - they didn't understand this business model. Our colleagues told us it was all about page views, but our product was an online game client [software that didn't involve loading Web pages, as other Internet products including search Web sites use to attract advertising revenue] . So when page views are king, they said, 'How can we give you money?'

It's an interesting and short interview - a somewhat enlightening look at the inner workings of a company who won't be going any time soon.

Shanda Co-Founder Finds Hard Choices Satisfying {WSJ]


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