Insomniac Opens R&D Site To Developers

Insomniac Opens R&D Site To Developers

insomniac_rd.jpgThere’s little doubt that we should be pinning medals on the lapels of every Insomniac Games employee for the awesome Resistance: Fall of Man and the totally awesome Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction—although, I’m sure the giant checks are commendation enough. But the Burbank boys should be lauded for their newest online endeavour, the Insomniac Research and Development archive which went live today.

Insomniac CEO Ted “I’m So Nice” Price says of the “The ‘R&D’ page on the Insomniac website is meant to share knowledge with fellow studios about PS3 development while giving our fans a detailed look into how we make our games. This page will also help explain our production philosophies.”

Insomniac explains that its goal is to document “our current research and development in hopes of supporting the PS3 development community and enhancing overall development for its core technologies such as the CELL processor and RSX.” It’s also a kind of behind the scenes look at past, present and future development, built just for computer nerds.

What does it all mean? Better looking PLAYSTATION 3 games, we hope. Maybe, just maybe, some developers will even discover the secret to unlocking a consistent frame rate in their PS3 titles. I’m looking at you, everyone who’s not Team Ninja or Insomniac.

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