Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

japwii.jpgSure, the supply of the Wii in Japan may be stabilising, but what about its demand?. Last week’s charts saw it drop from 109,854 to 86,786. This week it’s down to 77,169. Could Japan’s love affair with the Wii be coming to an end? And could its former love, the PlayStation, be back in the frame? The PS3 shifted 28,829 units last week, more than double its sales from the week before. Crazy days in Nippon.

Full stats after the jump:

DS Lite : 150,494
Wii : 77,169
PSP: 35,068
PS3: 28,829
PS2: 11,757
Xbox 360: 3,872
GB Micro: 263
GBA SP: 228
GC: 102
DS Phat: 90
GBA: 41

[courtesy of Media Create and their shiny new website]

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