Silent Hill PSP Demo Escapes Onto Internet

Silent Hill PSP Demo Escapes Onto Internet

silenthillori.jpgSomething so evil. . .cannot be contained. If I were Climax CEO Karl Jeffery that is exactly how I would have responded to news that the demo for upcoming PSP title Silent Hill Origins began appearing on torrent sites this past Sunday, days before the game was due to be shown at Leipzig. Instead he reacted to the news that thousands of people were downloading the code to game with a much less interesting but probably much more effective CYA statement.

“All I can say is that code did not leak from Climax – 100 per cent guaranteed,” said Jeffery.

“The code that is out there is fingerprinted and was supplied solely to Konami for marketing purposes.”

So the build being swiped from torrent sites all over the world was in Konami’s hands? It’s coming from inside the house!

Silent Hill PSP demo leaked online []

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