Silicon Knights Responds To Epic Countersuit

Silicon Knights Responds To Epic Countersuit

siliconknightslogo.jpgWelcome back to Kotaku Square Garden, where we join the match between Epic and Silicon Knights, already in progress. The action has been fast and furious today, ladies and gentlemen. As you may remember, the match started with Silicon Knights serving a suit to Epic, claiming they were provided a gimp version of the Unreal Engine 3. Then earlier today Epic volleyed back a dramatic countersuit, accusing Silicon Knights of copyright infringement and breach of contract, among other things. Speaking to, Silicon Knights’ attorney, Christopher T. Holland delivers the countersuit a dismissive backhand.

“We don’t think Epic’s counterclaim has any merit,” Holland told us. “We believe strongly that our claims in our complaint will prevail and the damages Silicon Knights has suffered in connection with its original complaint are vastly more, millions of dollars more than what Epic claims its damages are in its counterclaim. They’ve set forth $US650,000 and our claims will dwarf that substantially.”

So Holland contends that the claims of copyright infringement are completely unfounded, and it does seem to countersue for such a small amount in the face of potential millions in damages. It sounds to me like Epic lawyers spent the weeks between the suit and countersuit looking for anything they could throw back at Silicon Knights, and what they came up with does seem pretty skimpy.

The good news, I suppose, is that the lawsuit will in no way effect the development of Too Human

“The lawsuit itself will not have any effect on Too Human,” Holland insisted. “The lawsuit is based on substantial delay and damage that Epic caused us, but through our own sweat and toil, we have created a new and better game engine, in our view, that we’re utilising now. We basically had to do ourselves what we paid Epic to do. As a result, we are back on track and this game is going to come out in a timely fashion.”

The damage might already have been done, as the only time I have even thought about Too Human in the past six months was when the initial lawsuit sprang up. Do you still care about Too Human?

Silicon Knights Responds: Epic Counterclaim Has No Merit; Too Human Development on Track [Game Daily – Thanks GamePimp]

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