SimCity Turned Into Japanese Erotic Game

batsubatsu.jpg What was missing in SimCity? Hot spots for dating and "adult goods." With Batsu Batsu na Kanojo no Tsukurikata, erotic games maker Kiss is picking up where Will Wright left off. The game features traditional dating sim elements plus a "city development system" that is reminiscent of SimCity. What's different is that you're goal isn't to make citizens happy or foster an active economy, but focusing on creating dating spots like restaurants, theme parks and "adult goods" shops to woo ladies at. The official site is scant on info, so we're not quite sure how extensive this SimCity bit is or if it's just a gimmick. Still, the idea that you're building amusement parks, restaurants and adults-only stores to court game heroines is HILARIOUS. Once more screenshots surface, we shall post them. Oh yes, we shall. Batsu Batsu [Kiss via Heisei Democracy]


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