The Japanese Hardware Chart

oldtimes.jpgOK, no messing around now. It's official. The Wii and Japan have broken up. It's finished. Over the past month sales have gone from 109,854 a week to 61,498. Sure, most other consoles have seen a slight dip over the same time (except the PS3), but that's a biiiiig drop-off. What has the Wii done to you, Japan, to deserve the cold shoulder? All it ever offered you was love. Guess all you ever really wanted was a few more decent games.DSL: 135,729 Wii: 61,498 PSP: 33,886 PS3: 24,289 PS2: 12,784 Xbox360: 2,691 GBM: 413 GBASP: 228 DS: 75 GC: 68 GBA: 0

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