Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

face_training_media_create.jpgIn addition to finally doling out proper software numbers, the Media Create crew got us up to speed on Japan's weekly hardware buying habits. Nintendo DS Lites are still flowing like sake, Wii sales are healthy and the PLAYSTATION 3 is still benefiting from Hot Shots Golf 5's release. We'll see, however, how long this PS3 sales surge lasts and how long it will take before it dips back into the teens.

Japanese hardware sales for August 8th to the 16th is right down there.

Nintendo DS Lite - 147,025 Wii - 65,120 PSP - 32,147PLAYSTATION 3 - 21,321 PlayStation 2 - 12,545 Xbox 360 - 2,112 Game Boy micro - 366 Nintendo DS - 180 Game Boy Advance SP - 138


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