Some Menu Differences On The PSP2K

DSC00990.JPGI'm still tinkering around with the settings and such on the PSP Slim that just arrived at the house, but I wanted to get a quick post up about some of the differences I've noticed in the settings and such.The game ships with firmware 3.60 preloaded on the system. There are a lot of menu differences but I found two in the system menu.

UMD Cache: If you set it on you can reduce the frequency at which the system reads from the UMD. USB Charge: Allows you to charge using USB instead of a A/C.

The system now also has a new menu in Settings that gives you options for when you connect your PSP to your television to either play games or watch a movie.

Connected Display settings Switch Video Output: You can use this to display video on the television or you can hold in the display button. TV Type: 16:9 or 4:3 Component /D-Terminal Cable: Lets you select either progressive or interlace output. Screensaver: Lets you set the timeout for a screensaver from none to 15 minutes.

I still have to play test the thing, check out the video output and compare the screens. More to come.


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