Some (Proper) Guitar Hero DS News

Some (Proper) Guitar Hero DS News

GHdsmock.jpgThe fantastic Guitar Hero DS concept is, sadly, merely an artist’s impression. We don’t yet know what the DS version of the game will look like. We do know some things, however, thanks to an interview with RedOctane co-founder Charles Huang. And it all sounds good.

We’re exploring a lot of things. We’re hoping to really bring the experience to the DS and to do some very, very different approaches. We’re working through a lot of engineering issues with Nintendo. I actually came from a set of meetings with them last week about this. While the technical path hasn’t been set yet, we intend for this to be a very unique experience just like Guitar Hero was on consoles. This will play probably unlike any other DS game that has come out, and at this stage, that’s all I’m afraid we can talk about until we have the engineering paths laid out with Nintendo.

The GameSpot interview also touches on the possibility of a custom peripheral for the DS version, Huang saying they’re looking into it, and are keeping in mind the DS is played in more areas than your living room and needs to be a lot cheaper than the console versions. All good, all good, just promise me we’ll get some cute little frets and a cute little whammy bar. Promise me.

Q&A: RedOctane cofounder Charles Huang [Gamespot]


  • this is the stupidest thing iv ever seen of course this is fake that peice of crap guitar extension doesnt even match the background whoever made this is the biggest idiot on earth

  • ^ ^ ^
    Actually you deserve the title of biggest idiot on Earth. It clearly says it’s an artist’s impression and not real.

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