Sony Adds New Features To PS3 SDK, Lowers Memory Requirements

ps3_sdk180.jpgAccording to developer blog Inner Bits, Sony has pushed out the 1.80 version of its PLAYSTATION 3 software development kit, adding a trio of handy new features for programmers. In addition to those new treats, Sony has decreased the memory footprint of the operating system on the PS3's main and graphics RAM. What once required 96MB of the PS3's 512MB of RAM now only demands 72MB of RAM. That should hopefully lead to better looking games that require less loading from disk.That's still high compared to the Xbox 360's 32MB of system utility dedicated RAM, but a sizable improvement.

Inner Bits also reveals that developers now have access to built in utilities that will allow them to save screen shots to player's profiles, stream custom soundtracks, and also use the PlayStation Portable as a secondary display. All of these new features, should developers choose to use them, will require an additional memory hit, but seem to be steps in the right direction.

More detail on the news is available at Inner Bits in depth report.

PS3 1.80 SDK [Inner Bits]


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