Sony Not Hip To Violence Or Porno Association

censoredgame.jpg This whole Manhunt 2 fiasco is a damn shame, really. Because the game was given an Adults Only ESRB rating, gaming's equivalent of an NC-17 film rating, neither Sony or Nintendo will allow the game to be released on its hardware. Sony mouthpiece David Karraker tells Wired:

We want to offer age-appropriate entertainment for our consumers but do not want to be associated with material that is gratuitously violent or pornographic.

Odd, because people don't associate VAIO computers or Sony DVD players with hardcore pornography or violence. Yet, it's possible to see both on them quite easily! Most customers are easily able to separate them — we're not that stupid. How are games any different? Oh, right. Because console makers and politicians with agendas have told us they're different. Thanks for that! AO Game Killing Power [Wired]


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