Sony Refunds UK PSN Users

Sony Refunds UK PSN Users

spyrohuh.jpgPS3 owners in the UK who bought Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer and MediEvil from the PlayStation Store found their purchases ruined by shoddy emulation. Earlier this week, the two titles as well as Crash Bandicoot 2 were removed from the store, and now Sony has informed customers via email that their money shall be returned in full to their PS wallets within the next seven days.

“You will be aware from the description of the product on PlayStation Store that some variation in functionality from the original PSone version is to be anticipated,” the publisher wrote.

“However there appear to be more significant technical issues.”

It is nice to see that broken doesn’t count as a variation in functionality in Sony’s book. The games will also be removed from customers’ download lists, after which we will never speak of this sad affair again on pain of torture.

Sony offering refunds to PlayStation Network users

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