Sony Says Develop PS2 Games, Become Billionaire

brokeback-mountain-3.jpg Sony hasn't given up on the PlayStation 2, so you shouldn't either! Sure, PS3 sales aren't spectacular, but the PS2 continues to perform really well. The console has sold over 100 million units globally since its 2000 launch. PS2 games continue to be released, and there are little signs of support slowing down. SCEE boss David Reeves says:

We are committing funds for PS2 ... we encourage third parties to continue development for PS2. If they bring a PS3 version out, they can bring a PS2 version out as well... There is a lot of money still. What happened last time with PS1 is that they left a lot of money on the table by making the transition too quickly... You can set up your external company now, and in the next five years you can become a billionaire just developing for PS2.

So remember game developers! You're throwing away money on those Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Just stick to the DS PS2 and watch the mad profits pour in. PS2 Ain't Dead [Reuters]


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