Sony Snubs E For All

eforwho.jpgWell this certainly doesn't bode well for the inaugural E or All Expo. The folks over at FiringSquad have been asking major publishers about attending the fledgling game convention, that aims to bring players together with publishers and developers in the spirit of gaming goodness. That goal might be a problem, however, as one of the big three states they have no plans to attend. As of right now Sony won't be attending the event, and the 'Squad have also confirmed that SOE, Sega, NCsoft, and Capcom have decided not to participate. Of the big three, Nintendo was among the first to get on board, while Microsoft remains undecided. It's not the end of the world though. So far the only confirmed third party publisher I know of is EA. What happens if you throw a gaming convention and no one shows up? We might soon find out.

Sony And Other Publishers Bypassing E For All Expo [Firing Squad]


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