Sony Starts Recycling Program - Takes Consoles Back for Free!

sony_ps3_smash_broke_pieces_break_burn_overheat.jpgSony has announced their Sony Take Back Recycling program. With 75 physical locations across the US (soon expanding to 175), consumers will be able to drop off any Sony gear for recycling, completely free of charge starting on September 15th.

So if you are dying to get rid of that bad mod jobbed PS2 that is pissing your wife off to no end even though it was kind of her fault for it breaking because she hit the eject button when she was supposed to just use the flip top and that damn tray will never mount correctly again no matter how many of my butter knives I bend into useless hunks of metal—this might be a good option.

Sony Recycling [via Gizmodo]


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