Sony's Going Places EA And Microsoft Haven't

giantdavidreevesface2.jpg Think Nintendo was the first to capitalise on the casual market? Think again. As SCEE honcho David "Dirty Nail" Reeves points out, Sony was "actually the one that broadened the market" before the Wii and the DS were introduced. Proof? "We started EyeToy at the end of 2002, then we did SingStar in 2004 and Buzz in 2005," says Reeves. He isn't going off half-cocked, because Sony did bring games to a new market. That's where Reeves should've stopped. But he keeps going, and when he keeps going, he says dumb things:

We're very happy Nintendo broadened the market to where we have never gone. But Sony is going places where EA and Microsoft have never been. We're very happy about [market expansion] . It keeps growth of the industry going up and up and up instead of just recycling gamers.

Can someone please make David Reeves put a sock in his piehole. Kthanxbai. Sony Weighs PS3 Euro Successes [Next-Gen]


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