Space Giraffe And Street Trace: NYC

streettrace.jpgYou won't find any rehashes of decades-old arcade games popping up this Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade. This week sees two all new original games kicking your ass at 800 points a pop. Street Trace: NYC is a new entry in my what could be favourite genre of all time: the hoverboard racer. Something about travelling at high speeds on a stylised plank while leaving a glowing trail in your wake appeals to me. Street Trace features several game modes, different arena and street tracks, and online multiplayer for up to 8 players via Xbox Live. Then there's Space Giraffe, Jeff Mintner's tribute to Tempest, with 100 levels of colourful shooting goodness with special moves and power ups thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. A couple of really nice titles for sure. Me? I'm just glad I don't have to use the phrase 'enhanced graphics and sound' this week.

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