Space Giraffe Gets Launch Blog

Space Giraffe Gets Launch Blog

Spacegiraffe.jpgHaving listened to the howls of disappointment from my boyfriend every time some news is released about Jeff Minter’s psychedelic shooter Space Giraffe (usually that the release isn’t here yet. And still isn’t here. And still isn’t here …), I’m glad that those will soon be coming to an end. Or we hope, at least – the Llamasoft website has a blog up about the release and assorted game details which means launch should be imminent.

Welcome to the Space Giraffe Launch Blog! We’re now very close to Llamasoft’s latest emission through the auspices of XBOX Live Arcade. So if you’ve an XBOX 360 and you’re all hooked up to that there internet you’re in a for a real treat for a mere 400 XBLA points! Over the next few days you can expect this blog to be chock full of all manner of Space Giraffe info.

There’s a 100 levels to play through, a rogues gallery of nasties bound to test your gaming skills and it’s here you’ll be able to find out what you need to succeed straight from the yak’s mouth, he’ll be along soon.

I’ll just be glad when the game is out (for a whopping 400 points on XBLA) and there will be no more cries of dispair in this house – until one of the games I’m looking forward to gets pushed back again and again and again.


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