Halo Edition 360 $US400 with 20GB HDD

360halo.jpgThe Halo 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 will sell for $US400, Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for Xbox 360, told us earlier today.

The limited edition "spartan green" console, he expects, won't even survive the holiday rush. It comes packed with a "spartan green" wireless controller, "spartan green" headset, a play and charge kit and a wimpy, wimpy wimpy 20GB harddrive. That's right, it may be "spartan green" but this 360 is no elite. The special 360 will also include a slew of special Halo themes and gamer pics, he said.

I asked him why the Halo edition console won't come with a Halo edition copy of Halo 3, he said it was something they debated but decided in the long run it didn't make sense. Microsoft believes people would likely rather decide which version to buy on their own. I also asked if there were any plans for a limited edition Madden 360, since that is their targeted game for the price drop, and he said that Microsoft doesn't think that a special edition console really fits the Madden demographic.


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