Find Out What Yorda Was Banging On About

yorda.jpgThere are a million and one things I loved about Ico. And two I did not. One was the combat. The other was Yorda's mumblings. Girl made no sense, and since it was just you and her, that made things difficult. Little banter, to-and-fro could have helped ease the crushing loneliness. Well, some clever kids have deciphered her foreign tongue, and posted a translation guide for all to see. Looks pretty simple - like Nintendo's Hylian script, just backwards. So each of Yorda's characters corresponds to a letter of the roman alphabet, you've just to to reverse the word when translated and you've got your meaning. Shame we didn't have this six years ago. Or a way of using it in game, tell that stupid bint that all we wanted her to do was climb the fucking ladder. The Mystery behind Yorda's Language explained [Tales of Shadows]


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