Stallone Writes Well. No, Really.

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Busy Day

Yah, had a bit of a busy day myself. I spent most of the morning translating that interview I did. I combed through my notes for that article as well. Then! I called a foreign country for another big mag article I’ve been trying to set up for months. Literally. Like I kinda feel like either they’re A) too busy to talk or B) too lazy to talk or C) both. It’s been kind of frustrating, but I spoke to someone there in that country who can help out. And tomorrow, I must call for another mag article. Boy, this note is vague as hell! And ranty. Boo me.

This morning’s Japanese breakfast was GOOD. Like not too heavy at all, and I was totally full from like 8am to 2pm. Tomorrow, we’ll probably eat donuts. Yippie. Mrs. Bashcraft went and got her passport changed today — they changed her name from her very normal Japanese maiden name to her friggin’ wacky foreign name. I had to send a copy of my passport so the Passport Centre could have proof that her last name was indeed Ashcraft.

Today, we rented Rocky and The Departed. Mrs. Bashcraft has seen neither and is kinda pooh-poohing watching Rocky. Me telling her that Stallone write the film didn’t really help, either. Maybe will watch it tomorrow.

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