Starcraft II, The Multiplayer Experience

Starcraft II, The Multiplayer Experience

IMG_1992.JPGThe mass crowd was brought to silence. You could have heard a pin drop, or the subtle ruffling of Crecente’s hair, perturbed by the light breeze of the air conditioner. The citizens of Germany were in Awe.

Brian and I were at the Blizzard booth, playing dominating Starcraft II.Webster’s Dictionary Online defines “domination” as an “exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence.” Given today’s performance at Starcraft 2, we’d argue that Webster’s Dictionary is misleading, as the word “exercise” implies the expulsion of effort. Yet Brian and I transcended the construct of the videogame world today, not because of our efforts, but our lack of there of.

As the explosions sounded, the crowd beheld a spectacle of mass importance. In the midst of war, two disparate groups found unity. Brian (Terran) and I (Protoss) broke cultural and racial barriers as old as time itself.

At one point during the experience, Brian turned to me and said, “Mark, I may retire from writing after today. I have offered the Earth my only opus thanks to you.”

Our faceless, evil German challengers—by some accounts—may have scored a lucky few extra hits here and there, but it was us, only one third of the Kotaku team, who Changed the World (of Starcraft)…or at least a little piece of Leipzig.

Unfortunately, our game came to an abrupt end, breaking the hearts of our newly enlightened followers. Because despite our controlling influence, certain handlers of Blizzard ended our session schooling ceremony five minutes early.

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