State Of Korea – Console Games

State Of Korea – Console Games

korean360bus.jpgWe mentioned the last time that a Gamasutra article on Korea came up that Korean gamers don’t seem to be biting when it comes to pricey consoles. Well, Nick Rumas is back with another installment on the ‘State of Korea,’ this time focusing on that exact questions – what are consoles and handhelds doing in the land dominated by PCs and pirated software? The answer – it depends. With Nintendo making a concerted effort to nab the Korean market (and the DS being a runaway hit thanks to aggressive marketing), the 360 going after the ‘hardcore’ market, and Sony not seeming to be doing much at all, the answers are as varied as the systems …

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few years. While Microsoft seems like it’s going to stay right where it is for the time being – in a solid position catering to the hardcore crowd – the real question at this time hovers around Sony and whether or not it’s going to be able to repeat the success it had last generation with PS2. In the meantime, the newly formed Nintendo of Korea is riding high on the success of DS, and this is a streak it looks poised to continue with Wii.

Korea’s console market may not be expanding at breakneck speeds, but it’s growing just the same.

Next up in the ‘State of Korea’ – the piracy issue. In the meantime, this installment is an interesting look at the hows and whys of console market penetration (or lack thereof).

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