Take-Two: AO Rating Has No Meaning

Take-Two: AO Rating Has No Meaning

esrb_rating-AO.gifTake-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick doesn’t mind an over 17, or even over 18 rating on Manhunt 2’s cover. His average customer is in their 30s, so in his eyes, the game will sell fine no matter what the ESRB age limitations may be. His problem is with the logistics surrounding an adults-only rating.

The AO rating was not intended when it was developed to mean a non-rating. That wasn’t the point. If you can’t market it because you aren’t allowed by the licensors or the retailers won’t carry it, then the rating doesn’t have any meaning. Clearly one has to discuss what its purpose is.

My issue with AO? It sounds like I’m buying porn. And I don’t want to wear a trenchcoat and fedora every time I want to get my pretend murder fix.

An interview with Take-Two Interactive Chairman Strauss Zelnick…

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