Stranglehold Has A $US30 Million Price Tag

Stranglehold Has A $US30 Million Price Tag

stranglehold_budget.jpgWe love the European executives. They seem to have no regard for corporate information that should remain internal, making our jobs much, much easier. From premature hardware revelations to biting insight into American market price drops, there’s nothing our pals across the Atlantic won’t chat about. Take Stranglehold‘s budget, for example. Midway’s Euro managing director Martin Spiess lets us know that the John Woo inspired shooter is “possibly the most expensive next-generation game in development to date” with a total investment of some thirty million bucks.

Surely, some of that is game development, but other large chunks are assumed to be marketing costs and securing that lovely Hard Boiled bonus on the Blu-ray version. Anyway, thanks, Mr. Speiss. Now that we know what Midway’s sunk into the shoot ’em up, we’ll be able to accurately gauge how spectacularly it succeeds or, God forbid, fails.

According to Spiess, however, we needn’t worry about the latter scenario. He says “Stranglehold will be the top selling title this Christmas.” That’ll be excellent news, too! I’ve got my bottle of champagne chilled and ready to be sabered.

Midway investing $30 million in Stranglehold []

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