Strippers Invade GC

Strippers Invade GC

metgc.jpgI wasn’t too surprised to see a booth babe infestation at the Games Convention. After all it’s a public event and there are not anti-modeling rules at this convention, unlike E3. I wasn’t even too shocked to see a topless woman painted up to look like she was wearing clothes, after all this is Germany and they’re not nearly as prudish here as they are in the U.S. But strippers?

I was walking back from checking out Rock Band with Mike and Mark when a clutch of women, sensing confusion, and noticing I had strayed slightly from the pack, descended on me en masse. Their leader pointed her white teeth at me and asked: “Do you like to party?”The other women, dead eyed, but smiling, seemed to close in a bit anticipating my answer. In the back of the group a Brigitte Nielsen looked on, her hair gelled up and over like feathers. I looked befuddled. So the leader pressed me.

“Are you staying here tonight?”
“Ohhh..” she actually pouted. “Where are you staying?”
The smile reappeared.
“Do you want to party hard?”

She handed me a flier to Metropolis Table Dance (Lounge featuring pictures of striking women piled on velvet carpet). Then she handed me a fake dollar bill, filled with pictures of not so striking woman sort of laying about.

“This gets you in for free.”

The group turned and stalked off, looking for other prey.


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