Stroke Victims Find New Lease On Limbs With Wii Sports

Stroke Victims Find New Lease On Limbs With Wii Sports

wii_fit_stroke.jpgA Minneapolis hospital has become the latest unwitting Nintendo viral marketer with its new rehabilitation plan. The Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Minneapolis’ Abbott Northwestern Hospital aims to aid patients who have suffered from strokes by giving them access to the popular Wii pack-in, Wii Sports, and a Wii-mote, putting the fun back in motor function recovery.

Today’s Star Tribune profiles former real-life tennis player and stroke victim Jerry Pope as he strives to make his way back to the court by playing Wii Sports Tennis. His therapist, Matthew White, began experimenting with the Wii after reading reports of those suffering from strokes using them at home.

Nintendo’s own Perrin Kaplan is summarised in the piece, noting that while the company isn’t officially/actively pursuing Wii Rehab development, “anything is possible.” C’mon, Wii Fit has gotta be at least somewhat applicable here.

Stroke victims find ‘Wiihab’ [Star Tribune, thanks Ted!]

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