Sun Rises, Sony Announce Another Buzz! Game

Sun Rises, Sony Announce Another Buzz! Game

buzzps3.jpgIn a SHOCKING, SURPRISING move, Sony have announced that Buzz!, the quiz game that NOBODY I know owns (and my net in this case is being cast wide, dear readers) and yet manages to sit in the PAL sales charts week in, week out, is getting a PS3 version. Called Buzz! Quiz TV, it takes a similar approach to the PS3’s SingStar, in that instead of continually releasing themed versions on disc, it’ll connect online and give you access to at first 5000 questions (on the bundled disc, and across all subjects), and later “tens of thousands”. Best part, though, is that you can come up with your OWN questions, which should give them game a fair leg-up in the longevity stakes. Oh, another online feature it’ll be taking advantage of is team play – you’ll be able to form teams and compete against others, in some kind of online pub trivia night but without the cheap schnitzel and the annoying uni kids in the corner blurting out every answer. The game’s due in March 2008.

22/08/2007 17:15
It’s the next-gen Buzz! Quiz TV for PLAYSTATION®3

– Choose your subject; choose your quiz – and play in HD with huge online support
– Never run out of questions – start with 5000; download tens of thousands more
– Play online against Buzz! teams worldwide – and write and share your own quizzes

Leipzig, Germany, August 22-26: Next March, Buzz!â„¢ goes next-gen with Buzz!: Quiz TV on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3â„¢) – and the title’s first appearance is at the Leipzig Games Convention this August. The quiz title that transforms your home into a TV game show studio is already loved in many countries – but now, thanks to PLAYSTATION®Network, the whole world becomes a quiz show as you go online to pit your quiz skills against the best on offer. If previous Buzz! titles have been individual gameshows, this is a whole TV network. Buzz!: Quiz TV gives you instant access to almost any subject you can think of, and will be supported by vast downloadable and user-generated content. If there was ever a time to pick up Buzz!’s famous quiz show buzzer controllers, this is it. The starting point next March (2008) will be the Buzz!: Quiz TV Blu-ray disc. It’ll contain a whopping 5000 questions divided into five channels with something for every quiz fanatic to choose from: The Music Channel; The Movies and TV Channel; The Sports Channel; The Knowledge Channel; and The Lifestyle Channel. Choose between playing a whole game with questions from a single channel or select ‘Channel Hopper’ mode to take a random mix of questions drawn from all five. Whichever way you play, the Buzz! studio and lighting – all, of course, in stunning High Definition – will change to reflect the topic that you are being quizzed on.

Of course let’s not forget the man himself. Buzz – the sharp-suited quiz maestro you know and love is already working hard to update his repertoire of quips and asides for this next-generation title – but even the man himself would be hard pressed to crack wise about any of the following stunning online features that you’ll find on Buzz! Quiz TV.

Ø Downloadable content: The fun doesn’t end with the Blu-ray Disc; it’s actually just beginning. The disc is a gateway to a huge variety of constantly-updated downloadable Quiz Packs available from PlayStation®Store on PLAYSTATION Network. Many will be specific to individual countries or even towns – just imagine playing a quiz on your local football team, for example.

There are also loads of ways to enjoy your new content – you can play:

§ a quiz based solely on your most recently downloaded pack

§ a quiz based on the relevant channel (incorporating your new content)

§ ‘Quiz Hopper’ – a mode that uses all of your existing multi-channel content as well as questions from your new pack.

Ø Online gaming: Another key advance introduced on PS3 will be Sofa vs. Sofa online multiplayer gaming. Rather than just competing with your friends and family, this new functionality allows you to join forces with them and take on other groups of players across the world in games involving up to four teams at once. And that’s just the start – in the future, there will be leagues and tournaments that’ll leave the Buzz! community in no doubt as to who rules the world with their gameshow skills.

Ø Write and share your own quizzes: Finally – just to make sure that your Buzz! buzzers will never, ever see the inside of a cupboard – you’ll have the opportunity to write, upload and share your own quiz content on the all-new MyBuzz community site which links directly to the game – and then play them in the Buzz! Studio. Make them exclusive to your own PS3 or share them with the whole community – and they can be created, played and rated via PC as well as PS3.

We’re looking at thousands and thousands of questions that’ll test every aspect of your game show skills – as well as revolutionary online features to take Buzz! forward into the future of gaming. Buzz!: Quiz TV launches in March 2008 – but there’ll be a sneak peek behind the scenes at Leipzig this August if you can’t wait that long.

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